Do you have chronics pain? Do you go to chiropractic and pain ever goes away? Do you want to move better? Do you want to have fun after retirement? In that case, Rolfing® will be able to help you.

Rolfing can resolve chronic pain, trauma, bad posture, habitual movement, hyper toned muscle restricted range of motion of joints, scoliosis, and so on.


What is Rolfing?

Rolfing was originally invented by Ida Rolf, Ph.D. in early 20th century. She emphasized to balance body and stress free movement are very important. Not like other modalities, such as massage, Rolfing does not chase pain. We treat body as whole system. If one part of your body is mesed up, the problem affects whole body. Imagine when you broke your foot, you have to compensate other joints to be able to walk. Then some joints will over work and produce pain after all. We, Rolfer, manipulate a tissue called “Fascia” which surround our muscle, joints, bones, and other organs as well. It exists everywhere in our body. If fascia gets tight, our posture and movement lose proper function.

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Benefits of Rolfing

Better posture

Greater performance for sports, arts, and music

Increased flexibility

Decreased chronics pain


You can gain so many other benefits from Rolfing.

Please click here to see before/after pic after 10 sessions


Rolfing Session

We recommend you to take 10 sessions, because 10 sessions is know as recipe of Rolfing. Each session should be taken every 1 – 2 weeks. We directly approach to your body from skin. I prefer that male wears underwear, and female wear bra and underwear, or bikini. If you do not prefer those type of clothing, you are able to wear very loose shirts and shorts.


However, 10 sessions are not mandatory. You can of course take only 1 session.


After taking 10 sessions

If you finish 10 sessions, you will not need to take 10 sessions again. You can take single session to tune up your body. You may not need to take session. It is not mandatory, but recommended.



Rates: 15,000 yen for regular session (about 75min). 10,000 yen for students. I take credit cards, VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. 3.25% of proceeding fee will be charged additionally.


I Accept crypto payment!! I currently accept Lisk (LSK) only, but I will try to add more crypto currency as I am get ready. I calculate the rate of crypto at the moment of payment, then you send crypto to my wallet. Let me know if you want crypto payment.


Address: I have office in Nagoya, 1 hour away from Kyoto. 2 hours away from Tokyo. I will tell you my office address by email.


About Ryosuke

I was originally born in Matsuyama, Ehime.  I studied exercise science in Troy University, Troy, AL. Then I decided to go to Rolf Institute to study Rolfing in Boulder, CO.  Rolfing is good for everyone, but my specificity is working with athletes. In same time, I worked as Training Adverser in independent baseball league team, Ehime Mandarin Pirates.  Please do not hesitate to ask about Rolfing.